February 27, 2015

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B/N Players in College

Graduation Year Player High School College MLB Experience
2013 Sean Coonan CCHS Illinois Wesleyan University
Brandon Edwards BHS Muscatine Community College
Jacob Evans NCWHS University of Dubuque
Kent Frantz BHS Truman State University
Nick Hieb NCWHS Illinois State University
Matthew James NCWHS University of Illinois
Alex Jefferson NCWHS Missouri State University
Adam McGinnis NCWHS Western Illinois University
Tyler Ort NCWHS North Park
Matt Rave CCHS Carthage College
Jayden Thompson BHS Oakton Community College
Roman Visintine BHS Western Illinois University
2012 Nick Barnhill NCWHS Concordia College
Tyler Bixby NCHS North Central College
Morgan DePew NCHS Illinois Community College
Eric Fight NCHS Heartland Community College
Jacob Hendren UHS Heartland Community College
Jared Hendren UHS Heartland Community College
Zachary Holt CCHS South Dakota State University
Matthew Mardis BHS Illinois Wesleyan University
Ryan Newby UHS Illinois Community College
Mary Salazar NCHS Knox College
Wes Sery NCWHS Northern Illinois University
2011 Matt Burns NCHS SIU-E
Tim Coonan CCHS Augustana
Jesse Heaton CCHS St. Scholastica, Duluth, MN
Max Osnowitz NCHS McKendree
Trey Rogers NCWHS Illinois Wesleyan
Kyle Rutledge NCHS McKendree
Adam Seifert NCWHS Illinois Wesleyan
Erik Sipes NCWHS Central College of Iowa
Brandon Taylor NCHS Heartland CC
Brent Turner NCHS Western Illinois
Kyle Vaughn NCWHS Kankakee CC
2010 Adam Ariola NCHS Central College
Jacob Brilingmair NCWHS Quincy College
Connor Brown UHS North Central
Michael Collins NCWHS Heartland Community
Jason Cullen NCWHS Univ. Wisconsin-LaCrosse
Tyler Emmerson NCWHS Kankakee Community
Andrew Holt CCHS U of I – Springfield
Tyler Johansen CCHS Carthage College
Dylan Johnson BHS Heartland Community
Alex Ludwig BHS Heartland Community
Ben McAllister CCHS St. Thomas University
Tom Prior CCHS St. Ambrose University
Jared Steck NCWHS Joliet Junior College
Brock Stewart NCWHS Illinois State
2009 Ryan Kern BHS Olivet Nazarene
Ben Heaton CCHS Augustana
Chad Hinshaw NCHS Illinois State
Zac Johnson NCHS Heartland Community College
Jared Lammers NCHS Central College-Pella IA
Blake Brown NCWHS University of Missoouri
Kevin Camp NCWHS Illinois Central College
Cody Kinser NCWHS Illinois Central College
Alex Johnson NCWHS Illinois Central College
Nathan Loy NCWHS MacMurray College
Colton Moore NCWHS Murray State
Austin Swanson NCWHS Illinois Central College
Ryan Martinez NCWHS Illinois Central College
2008 Brian Cross BHS Clarke College
Bryan Huff, Jr BHS Heartland Community
Nick Bowles BHS Heartland Community
Terry Davis BHS Monmouth
Jeff Collier CCHS Eureka College
Ray Gerard III NCHS Monmouth
Dreu Martinez NCWHS ICC
Harold Riggins NCWHS North Carolina State
Luke Wing NCWHS Illinois Wesleyan Univ
Tyler Ropp NCWHS Spoon River
Andy McNeely UHS Kankakee Community
Derek Dauenbaugh UHS Rose-Hulman
E.J. Schiller UHS Illinois Wesleyan Univ
Eric McCullough UHS Illinois Wesleyan Univ
Joe Waropay UHS Western Illinois
2007 Andrew Malinowski BHS Clarke College
Ryan Juris BHS Heartland Community
Zach Watkins BHS Heartland Community
Brody Mikel CCHS Univ of St. Louis (Club)
Grant Loiselle CCHS Augustana
Marc North CCHS IWU
Ted Herbers CCHS Univ of St. Louis (Club)
Zach Lauer CCHS Clarke College
Brad Jahnke NCHS Heartland Community
Cody Gilles NCHS Heartland Community
Cory Phillips NCWHS Heartland Community
Josh Davis NCWHS Kankakee Community
Matt Widick NCWHS Kankakee CC
Tyler Cook UHS South Carolina Upstate
2006 Brett Moore BHS Kansas City Comm. College
Andrew King CCHS Edgewood College
Louie Joseph CCHS Missouri-Rolla
Paul Kabbes CCHS Illinois Wesleyan
Craig Lutes NCHS Illinois
Luke Stewart NCWHS Georgia Mets
Tyler Leipold NCWHS Kankakee CC
Zach Williams NCWHS Olivet Nazarene
Zack Zwaga NCWHS Illinois-Chicago
Justin Allen UHS Millikin
Tyler McNeely UHS Illinois State
2005 Jeremy Peden BHS Parkland CC
Matt Bourne CCHS Monmouth
Scott Evans NCHS Aurora
Alex Berta NCWHS Edgewood College
Jacob Leake NCWHS Eureka College
Cory McCullick NCWHS Edgewood College
Drew Stephens NCWHS Lincoln Land CC
Eric Birky NCWHS Lincoln Land CC
Andy McDowell UHS Maryville University
Ben Reeser UHS Illinois
Brad Meier UHS Illinois Central College
Jared Wheet UHS Maryville University
Mike McMillan UHS Bradley
2004 Jeremy Peden BHS Parkland CC
Ryan Enata BHS Southern Illinois
Danny Lootens CCHS Millikin
Luke Baughman NCHS Illinois State
Mike Kelly NCHS Illinois State
Shaun McElyea NCHS Parkland CC
Jordan Comadena NCWHS Purdue Astros
Justin Gilles NCWHS Cornell College
2003 Spike Nelson NCWHS Kankakee CC
Eric Palomino UHS University of Illinois-Chicago
Nick Kennedy UHS McKendree College
Ryne Brewer UHS Illinois Central CC
2002 Pete Stone BHS Eastern Illinois
Rob Saunders NCHS Kankakee, Morehead State
Joe Caslow NCWHS Olney, Trevecca Nazarene
Craig Rohren UHS Kankakee, U of Dayton
2001 Chris Shepherd NCWHS Illinois State, Lee University
Jake Stewart NCWHS Illinois
Mason Abner NCWHS Monmouth
Nick Berta NCWHS Illinois Benedictine
Scotty Martin UHS Illinois Benedictine
Josh Becker UHS Lincoln College
Ryan Robb UHS Illinois Central CC
2000 Brett Moore NCWHS Tennessee Bible College
Chris Nelson NCWHS Augustana
Jordan Brutlag NCWHS Kankakee CC
Nate Whitney NCWHS Kankakee CC, Illinois State SD Padres
Clint Mapel UHS Illinois Central College
Jon Hand UHS Augustana
Mark Pydnowski UHS Washington University
Tom Menning UHS Olivet Nazarene
1999 Eric Haberer BHS Southern Illinois St. Louis
Trevis Beer BHS Millikin
Andy Eder CCHS St. Louis University
Brian Walters NCWHS Truman State
Casey Van Hook NCWHS Millikin
Chris Kaufmann NCWHS Illinois Wesleyan
Kevin Ewen NCWHS Mesa CC, Illinois State
Kevin Odell NCWHS Illinois State
Nick Heineman NCWHS Truman State
Nick Nelson NCWHS Millikin
Brad Nichols UHS Millikin
Jason Rainey UHS Southern Illinois
Jon Berry UHS Wheaton College
Todd Witherow UHS Butler University
1998 Andrew Jefferson NCWHS Missouri State SF Giants
Justin Hamm NCWHS McMurray College
Ryan Britnell NCWHS Lincoln Land CC
Dan States UHS Lincoln College
Jon Charles UHS Illinois State
Lance McMillan UHS Illinois State
Pete Martin UHS Miami-Ohio, Eastern Illinois
1997 Jake Perganson CCHS Illinois State
Joey Miles NCWHS Millikin University
Nick Anderson UHS U of Evansville
1996 Andy Barth CCHS Lincoln College
Mike Swartz CCHS Illinois Wesleyan
Brian Mounce NCWHS Lincoln Land, William Woods
Ron Rapp NCWHS Millikin University
Todd Mitchell UHS Illinois State
1995 Jason Graf UHS Lincoln College